Who is Granny Apples?

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Hi, I’m Yvonne aka Granny Apples and thanks for stopping by! Here’s a bit about me and the backstory behind my blog. I’ve lived in Cambridge for over 35 years now, and after a working life spent in libraries I’m thoroughly enjoying retirement and the opportunity to pursue my hobby as a food and travel blogger.

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I’m lucky to live in the beautiful city of Cambridge

I love eating out – whether it’s street food or fine dining, and everything in-between, so I am gradually working my way around the 500+ restaurants in Cambridge and reviewing any which I am happy to recommend on my blog.

In addition to reviews of Cambridge eateries, I also blog about places I visit when travelling at home and abroad with my partner Steve in his iconic VW camper van called Tilly.

Why Granny Apples? I have four grandchildren and I was named Granny Apples by the eldest one twenty years ago, simply because I do have apple trees in my back garden. Cute story I know but true!

Why write a blog?  I am just a regular customer who is fortunate to eat out two or three times most weeks, and I seek every opportunity to try new places, so a blog gives me a platform to share the experience. I started writing it when I retired because friends often asked me for advice about where to eat for special occasions, and are interested in my opinion and feedback on places I’ve visited.

Traditional Afternoon Teas are of special interest to me and I’m on a mission to find one with the best content which is also excellent value for money, as I find the standard varies enormously, and it’s not always the case that the most expensive one is the best.IMG_0690 (1).JPG

A quirky fact about Granny Apples. Knitting is another hobby which I’m passionate about and if you watch ITV’s Emmerdale you may notice a blue and white tea cosy in The Dingles kitchen – it’s one of mine!

IMPORTANT information – I blog for pleasure and not for any financial gain, but simply because I enjoy writing. My reviews and opinions are therefore totally personal and this blog ‘Taste with Granny Apples is independent and unsponsored. I hope you enjoy reading it and sharing my food and travel experiences.

I am always happy to hear from other foodies and bloggers


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