Picture postcards of Crete (2)

I couldn’t resist sharing more of Steve’s lovely photos from our holiday in Crete last month, so this selection features scenic views of city streets captured in Chania and Rethymnon, glorious coastal views, delightful churches, and several inviting-looking restaurants, as we were usually wandering around looking for somewhere to eat!IMG_20160506_1554027 (2)

A typical residential side street in Rethymnon

We loved these quirky signs in a cafe identifying ladies and gents toilets!

IMG_20160504_1815005 (3)
Pretty restaurant in Rethymnon
Another typical residential side street in Rethymnon
An inviting-looking restaurant in Rethymnon
IMG_20160505_1724325 (3)
Two picturesque streets in Chania

IMG_20160505_1726224 (3)


Another lovely doorway in Rethymnon

IMG_20160508_1247481 (2)
Our favourite cafe in Kalives was in a very pretty spot
IMG_20160505_1947451 (2)
We enjoyed dinner at this delightful restaurant in Chania harbour

There are so many scenic views and lovely places to explore on Crete, we will simply have to return to the island next year to capture new images and make some more memories!


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