Picture postcards of Crete (1)

Last month my partner Steve took lots of delightful photos when we were on holiday in Crete, which are just too good not to share. From seascapes to townhouses, with some interesting doors, and a sample of graffiti, these are a few of my favourite images which encapsulate this beautiful island.IMG_20160505_1746347

I loved this beautiful town house in Chania with it’s vibrant coloursIMG_20160505_1721343 (2)

IMG_20160505_1721513 (2)
Views of the harbour in ChaniaIMG_20160505_1721416 (2)


IMG_20160505_1745176 (2)

Quirky doors spotted in Chania and Rethymnon

IMG_20160505_1758062IMG_20160504_1652103IMG_20160504_1832557 (2)IMG_20160505_1741035 (2)


We loved this graffitti found on a wall in Rethymnon

Art gallery entrance in Chania 

Margaritas Gallery in the Old Town, Chania, Crete, sells a wide range of natural and precious metal jewellery, and is the home of Margaritas Icon WorkshopIMG_20160504_1656023

Picturesque doorway to an old spa in Rethymnon

IMG_20160509_1307478 (2)
The pink sandy beaches at Elafonissi are stunning

IMG_20160505_1936542 (2)

A view of Chania harbour at sunset


The Church of St. Panteleimon at Nopigia looked like it was made of icing sugar!

The church of Saint Panteleimon at Nopigia is a cruciform church of the 14-15th century and is one of the largest pilgrimages in the area of Kissamos.

IMG_20160506_1152491 (4)
We visited the spectacular Lake Kournass 

Kournas Lake is the only freshwater lake in Crete, located in the Apokoronas region of Chania.

We stayed in a rented villa in the traditional village of Vamos which lies between Chania and Rethymnon, in the beautiful foothills of the White Mountains (Lefka Ori) just 7 km from the Cretan sea. The village is located at an altitude of approximately 300m and situated in the greenest prefecture of Chania, Apokoronas.


We stayed at ‘The Old Bakery’ in Vamos

IMG_20160507_1221183 (3)
A spectacular view from the top of the mountain about one hours drive from Vamos

IMG_20160507_1222533 (3)

Granny Apples says “At  900 metres above sea level it felt like we were sitting on top of the world!” 







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