Thirsty Cambridge and Jalan Jalan

IMG_20160303_2152408 (3)
Located on Chesterton Road  Thirsty Revolutionary Drinks independent shop and bar is an exciting and different place to eat and drink
Jalan Jalan serving South East Asian street food was parked in the lay by outside Thirsty on the evening we visited
Various top quality high end local street food traders are parked outside Thirsty on different nights from 6-9pm
Inside Thirsty you will find an excellent selection of fine wines
IMG_20160303_1943152 (1)
and fresh craft beers straight from the Growler system
The Growler system in close up – filling our litre bottle with Cloudwater ” Dr Rudi Lager”
We drank Prosecco on tap at £2.92 for a 125ml flute
and shared a litre Growler of craft beer
F - IMG_20160303_1947266
I loved the interior featuring bare wood floors and unadorned trestle tables …..
and the lights all added to the ambience
My take-away meal as it was served from Jalan Jalan
I chose BANH MI – battered fish, red pepper pate, lime and black pepper mayo served in a roll with cucumber, coriander and pickled carrots
Steve chose CIA RI GA – Vietnamese Chicken Curry with carrots, potatoes, coconut milk and lemon grass served with bread

Both meals cost £6.50 and were very tasty and good value. We ate at the long trestle tables shared convivially with other diners inside the shop. This niche bar has a novelty value which makes it ideal for a party, and it was useful to know that tables for large groups of 6 or more can be reserved.

For dessert I couldn’t wait to eat this delectable Portuguese custard tart from the renowned Norfolk Street Bakery
Steve couldn’t resist a Scotch Egg from The Free Press and another craft beer ‘Beavertown’ from the Growler



Last week Steve and I finally got around to visiting Thirsty on Chesterton Road as we had been intending to do since it opened last year. We also wanted to sample food from one of the street food vans which park outside the shop most evenings. The successful partnership of wine shop and food trucks started last September at this location and has proved to be very popular with couples, families and groups looking for a different experience.

My first impression was the loud and lively atmosphere as it was very busy at 7pm on a Thursday evening. The staff were welcoming and friendly and explained how it worked. Basically you buy a drink, take a seat and if you are hungry you can order and purchase a meal from the street food van parked outside. When it’s ready you collect your take away and eat it in the warmth of the shop. The food was restaurant quality, and freshly cooked to order. Although they were busy the Jalan Jalan staff had our meal ready within ten minutes which was impressive. It was most enjoyable to be able to choose a drink from the wide selection of wine and beers available to accompany the food.  Wines by the glass cost £3 to £4.50 (for 125-175 ml) and it was a joy to find Prosecco on tap at the very reasonable price of £2.92. There was a corkage charge of £1 to £5  if you chose to buy a bottle of beer or wine to drink with your meal in the shop. Soft drinks, coffee and tea were also available.

Granny Apples says ‘This new style of dining is a great match-up between a wine shop and street food vans and judging by the numbers on the evening we visited Thirsty it’s here to stay!’


Thirsty Revolutionary Drinks
46 Chesterton Rd, Cambridge CB4 1EN
(Food is served from 6-9pm Tuesdays to Saturdays)
Jalan Jalan Cambridge
South East Asian Street Food



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